Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy


Starting the day with a hearty and satisfying breakfast can set the tone for a productive morning. One dish that embodies comfort and flavor is the Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy. This breakfast bowl is not just a meal; it’s a delightful experience that combines crunchy tater tots, creamy sausage gravy, and fluffy scrambled eggs topped with a melty cheese blend. The dish is perfect for anyone looking to indulge in a fulfilling breakfast that’s both simple to prepare and delicious to eat.

In addition to its scrumptious taste, this breakfast bowl is versatile. Whether you’re hosting a family brunch or need a robust start to your day, it’s guaranteed to satisfy a range of appetites. Each component of the bowl adds a unique texture and flavor, making every bite enjoyable. The history and popularity of tater tots contribute significantly to the dish’s appeal, offering a crispy base that complements the rich, velvety gravy. Explore various sausage gravy recipes to find your preferred level of spiciness and texture, tailoring the dish to your taste preferences.

Ingredients and Preparation :

Ingredients :

To whip up this delicious breakfast bowl, you’ll need the following:

  • Tater tots: The star of the dish, providing a crispy and satisfying texture.
  • Eggs: About 15 eggs, scrambled to creamy perfection.
  • Sausage gravy: A double batch, homemade or store-bought. Spice it up with optional pepper flakes and cayenne powder.
  • Cheese: A generous sprinkle of taco cheese blend adds a gooey, melty layer.
  • Seasonings: Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Optional: Add fresh Mexican restaurant-style salsa for a zesty twist.
Preparation :

Creating this hearty breakfast bowl involves a few simple steps that guarantee a delightful meal.

  1. Bake the Tater Tots:
    • Preheat your oven to 425°F (218°C).
    • Arrange the tater tots on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes until they are golden and crispy.
  2. Prepare the Sausage Gravy:
    • While the tater tots are baking, start on the sausage gravy. You can find an easy recipe to follow on this Pinterest link, which includes steps to make the gravy from scratch. If desired, add pepper flakes and cayenne powder for extra heat.
  3. Scramble the Eggs:
    • In a skillet, crack the eggs and whisk them with salt and pepper.
    • Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until the eggs are fully set but still moist.
  4. Assemble the Breakfast Bowl:
    • Begin with a layer of crispy tater tots at the bottom of each bowl.
    • Next, add a generous layer of scrambled eggs.
    • Pour a hearty amount of sausage gravy over the eggs.
    • Sprinkle taco cheese blend on top. If you like, add a scoop of fresh salsa for an extra kick.

This recipe is not only easy to scale for feeding large groups but also flexible enough to add your personal touch with various toppings or spice levels. The different types of sausages used worldwide offer numerous options for customizing the flavor of your gravy, turning a simple breakfast into a gourmet treat.

Cooking Techniques :

Mastering the cooking techniques for each component of the Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy is essential for achieving the perfect balance of flavors and textures. Here’s how you can ensure each element of your breakfast bowl is cooked to perfection.

Baking Tater Tots :
  • Achieve Perfect Crispness: Spread the tater tots in a single layer on your baking sheet without overcrowding. This ensures they get evenly crispy. Halfway through baking, give them a gentle stir or flip to expose all sides to heat evenly.
Making the Sausage Gravy :
  • Flavorful and Rich: Start with a good quality sausage, preferably one with a high fat content for more flavor. Brown the sausage in a skillet until it’s fully cooked and crumbled. Gradually stir in flour to form a roux, then slowly add milk, stirring constantly to prevent lumps. Season with salt, pepper, and if you like it spicy, a pinch of cayenne or your favorite seasoning blend. Simmer until it thickens to your desired consistency.
Scrambling Eggs :
  • Moist and Fluffy: The key to perfect scrambled eggs is low and slow cooking. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium-low heat and add a touch of butter or oil to coat the surface. Pour in the beaten eggs and let them sit undisturbed for a moment before gently stirring with a spatula. Continue to cook slowly, pulling the eggs across the pan as they set. Remove from heat when they are still slightly underdone; they will continue to cook in their residual heat.

By mastering these techniques, you can ensure that every element of your breakfast bowl is delightful. Consider exploring different breakfast bowl concepts to gain inspiration for customizing your dish further. Additionally, understanding the different types of sausages can help you choose the best one for your gravy, enhancing the overall flavor of your breakfast.

Serving Suggestions :

The presentation of the Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy is just as important as its preparation. Here are some tips to make your breakfast bowls not only delicious but also visually appealing.

Presentation Tips :
  • Layering: Start with a solid base of crispy tater tots to give a nice texture contrast. Add the scrambled eggs next, ensuring they are fluffy and well-seasoned. Generously ladle the sausage gravy on top to meld the flavors together. The final touch should be a sprinkle of shredded cheese, which will melt beautifully from the warmth of the gravy.
  • Color and Contrast: Garnish with green onions or chives for a pop of color and a hint of freshness. If you opted for the additional salsa, a dollop on top adds vibrant color and a fresh taste that complements the rich gravy.
Recommended Condiments and Toppings :
  • Cheese Varieties: While taco cheese blend is a classic choice, feel free to experiment with other types such as sharp cheddar, pepper jack, or even a smoked gouda for a deeper flavor.
  • Spice it Up: For those who enjoy a bit of heat, a sprinkle of red pepper flakes or a drizzle of hot sauce can elevate the dish. You can also explore adding a pinch of smoked paprika to the gravy for a subtle smokiness.
  • Fresh Elements: A small side of crisp arugula or baby spinach can add a refreshing contrast to the hearty ingredients, offering a balance of flavors.

For a truly memorable breakfast, consider these serving suggestions and tailor them to your personal preferences or those of your guests. Discover more about breakfast bowl recipes on Pinterest for further inspiration and ideas to enhance your morning meal.

Nutritional Information :

Understanding the nutritional profile of the Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy can help you appreciate not just the flavors but also the health benefits and considerations of this hearty meal.

Caloric Content :
  • Overall Calories: This dish is rich in calories, mainly from the tater tots and sausage gravy. A typical serving can range from 700 to 900 calories, making it a substantial breakfast option. This caloric density makes it an excellent choice for those needing a high-energy start to their day, though it may be heavy for those watching their calorie intake.
Nutritional Benefits :
  • Proteins: Eggs and sausage provide a good amount of protein, essential for muscle repair and growth. Each serving could offer between 20 to 30 grams of protein, depending on the amount of sausage and eggs used.
  • Carbohydrates: Tater tots are a significant source of carbohydrates, which are the body’s primary energy source. They also contribute fiber, especially if you choose a variety with added whole grains.
  • Fats: The fats in this dish come mainly from the sausage and cheese, providing satiety and flavor. These are mostly saturated fats, with some recipes including healthier fats depending on the type of sausage and cheese used.
Considerations :
  • Sodium: One of the main considerations with this dish is its high sodium content, primarily from the sausage and cheese. It’s advisable to monitor portion sizes and opt for low-sodium versions of ingredients if sodium intake is a concern.
  • Variety in Diet: While delicious, this dish should ideally be part of a balanced diet that includes a variety of other foods to ensure a broad intake of nutrients.

For those interested in a lighter version of this breakfast, consider alternatives such as turkey sausage or low-fat cheese to reduce calorie and fat content without sacrificing taste. Learn more about the impact of breakfast on daily energy levels to better understand how to balance your diet.

Variations of the Recipe :

Exploring variations of the Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy can cater to different dietary preferences and spice levels, making this dish versatile and inclusive for all tastes.

Vegetarian Alternatives :
  • Meat-Free Sausage: Opt for vegetarian sausage alternatives that mimic the texture and flavor of traditional sausage. These products often use ingredients like soy, peas, or mushrooms, providing a protein-rich base for the gravy without the meat.
  • Vegan Cheese: Substitute the taco cheese blend with vegan cheese options available in most supermarkets to make this dish suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Spicy Version of the Sausage Gravy :
  • Adjust the Heat: For those who prefer a kick, incorporating hot spices into the sausage gravy can transform the dish. Consider adding more cayenne pepper, hot smoked paprika, or even a dash of hot sauce into the gravy mixture to elevate the spice level.
  • Additional Peppers: Dice jalapeños or habaneros and sauté them along with the sausage for an extra burst of heat that integrates well with the creamy gravy.
Other Creative Twists :
  • Different Potato Bases: While tater tots are traditional, experimenting with other forms of potatoes like hashed browns or potato waffles can offer a different texture and flavor profile.
  • Additional Toppings: Introduce other toppings like avocado slices, a poached egg, or a sprinkle of cotija cheese for more complex flavors and a gourmet touch.

Adapting the Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy according to personal preferences or dietary restrictions doesn’t mean compromising on taste. These variations ensure that everyone can enjoy this comforting dish. For more ideas on customizing your meals, check out tater tot breakfast ideas for a variety of recipes that might inspire your next breakfast creation.

FAQs :

Here are some frequently asked questions about preparing and serving the Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy, providing quick answers to enhance your cooking experience.

How do I keep the tater tots crispy in the breakfast bowl?
  • Bake Properly: Ensure that the tater tots are spread out evenly on the baking sheet and not overlapping. Bake until they are golden brown and crispy before assembling the bowl.
  • Serve Immediately: Assemble the breakfast bowls right before serving to prevent the tater tots from getting soggy from the gravy.
Can I prepare the sausage gravy in advance?
  • Advance Preparation: Yes, you can prepare the sausage gravy ahead of time. Simply refrigerate it in an airtight container and gently reheat it on the stove, adding a little milk if it has thickened too much.
What are some low-calorie alternatives for sausage in the gravy?
  • Healthier Options: For a lower-calorie version, consider using ground turkey or chicken sausage. You can also look for sausages that are marked as low-fat or lean to reduce the overall calorie count of the dish.
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Tater Tot Breakfast Bowl with Sausage Gravy

  • Author: Easy Recipes
  • Total Time: 40 minutes



Tater tots (quantity as needed for serving)

15 eggs, scrambled

Sausage gravy (double batch, recipe link provided)

Salt and pepper to taste

Taco cheese blend for topping

Optional: pepper flakes and cayenne powder for added spice in the gravy

Optional: fresh Mexican restaurant-style salsa for serving


  1. Preheat your oven to 425°F (218°C) and bake the tater tots according to the package instructions, about 30 minutes, until crispy.
  2. While the tater tots are baking, prepare the sausage gravy. You can find an easy recipe for making the sausage gravy on the provided link. If desired, add pepper flakes and cayenne powder to the gravy for extra heat.
  3. In a skillet, scramble the eggs seasoned with salt and pepper until fully cooked but still moist.
  4. To assemble the breakfast bowls, start with a layer of crispy tater tots at the bottom.
  5. Add a generous layer of scrambled eggs over the tater tots.
  6. Top the eggs with a hearty pour of the spicy sausage gravy.
  7. Sprinkle taco cheese blend over the top and, if desired, add a scoop of fresh Mexican restaurant-style salsa.
  8. Serve hot and enjoy a filling breakfast bowl that’s perfect for any hearty breakfast or brunch.
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes

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